Enchanted Circle

Well, that didn’t take long: Los Amigos in Questa is closed. Which means there’s really nowhere good to eat here. The situation is bad enough that you might suggest driving the Enchanted Circle route the other direction (Questa first, then Red River, etc.), then you could eat late lunch at Hatcha’s in Angel Fire.

On the other hand, the DH Lawrence Ranch is OPEN! I had a rather bleak outlook on this when I was updating the book last fall. But now UNM has made some upgrades, and there’s a docent on-site three days a week: Monday, Thursday and Saturday, 10am to 4pm, through October. (Not yet sure if it will be open at all in the winter–I suspect not, as it’s a pretty rugged dirt road.)

Finally, the Elizabethtown Museum is CLOSED on Sundays.

This means you might not want to drive the Enchanted Circle on a Sunday, unless you’re going purely for scenery. Just too much is shut.

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