Jemez Springs

Los Ojos isn’t the only dinner option here now–the Jemez Stage Stop Cafe, just across the street, is open for dinner on Fridays and Mondays as well.

Also, the directions for Spence Hot Springs are still a bit garbled (oof, didn’t I correct these after the first edition?). The parking area for the trail to the springs is 2 miles north of Battleship Rock–not just half a mile. The trail down to the river is now quite wide and smooth; it’s going back up the hill on the other side that’s a bit more work.

And finally, a change in history: Jemez Historic Site (which was called Jemez State Monument) has revised its archaeological information. Research now apparently suggests that the site was not abandoned in the mid-1600s, as was previously believed, and that people inhabited the site at least until 1694. A small detail–but a good reminder that even the past sometimes needs updating.

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