Grants to Zuni

In Grants, Southwest Motel is excellent. So is El Cafecito. Gross oversight that I haven’t had them in previous editions–but they’ll be in the next.

Coco Bean Cafe (also Grants) is open only to 5:30pm on weekdays.

The Northwest New Mexico visitors center is now called the El Malpais visitor center — roughly the same services/facilities, though with a stronger focus on public lands, as it’s run by the National Park Service.

The Crownpoint rug auction now accepts credit cards and checks.

The Ice Cave now closes for the winter (though has just reopened, as of March 1).

Tinaja Navajo Cafe has much more limited hours, and in fact closes earlier than stated. Officially: 10am-6:30pm Thurs.-Sun. (Also, the building is for sale…which isn’t a great sign.)

The phone number for Inn at Halona (Zuni) is now 505/782-4547.

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