This does not affect your trip logistics at all, but it’s about some excellent animals, so…helpful reader Doug wrote to say:

On page 316, in the section about the Gila Wilderness Area, you write that coatimundis are found only in New Mexico within the US. However, coatis are common here in Arizona also. I have seen them in the wild on a number of occasions over the past 50 years. Most often I have seen them in canyons of the several “sky island” mountain ranges in southeast Arizona. Somewhat reclusive and shy, fascinating animals to watch as groups of them forage along rocky streambeds. I believe that Arizona Wildlife Views, the fine magazine of the Az Game and Fish Department, had a story about them in an issue sometime in the past couple years [here is an older article].

Everything he says about coati behavior (and environment) in AZ applies in NM too, of course! I hope you spot some.

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